The Mad Scientist! Ft. Cody Sloot

by Nick Morgan

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A song about a scientist with a dream.

Me and my talented piano playing friend Cody Sloot improvised this.


The Mad Scientist!
You can like fuck around and make it like do shit..

So the mad scientist, working hard away in his laboratory
on what he believes will be his greatest experiment yet.
he will find a way, to physically ascend dimensions
they called him crazy
they called him a lunatic
"I was mad they said"
"but i'll show them"
"i'll show them all"

so the great doctor, fired up his chalk board, started mathin up a storm
Powered up a new photon generator
and began firing proton and beta waves at his brain
and he felt it
his physical body was literally ascending
but there was one thing the poor doctor didn't account for
he had a high ceiling but not that high
and what would happen when he gets to it with an acceleration that doesn't stop

the great doctor is pushed up against the ceiling and he feels the pressure rise
his skin is being pressed against it so hard he feels like he's blending in with the material of the wall itself
he feels his bones and muscles nearly eating eachother they're being so flattened
he's basically a pancake at this point
he feels each individual cell in his body break apart
but for some reason
our good doctor can still think and feel every emotion being forced against him
he knew something was still happening
could it be?
was he really ascending to the next realm or plane of existence perhaps?
as the pressure beings to lift,
he begins to actually see something again
it's at the end of the tunnel
is he dead?
was he wrong about his scientific beliefs and were there any religions?
was this something else??
was he being reborn? as something new?
perhaps.. it's up to you

then he felt it.
the pressure came back
he heard a beeping
it rushed with hurried footsteps
then he felt like he was sliding

right out that pussy!


he was a new born baby!
but in space!
like in 2001 a space odyssey!
he went to the room where he saw himself die and also like watch himself grow old and watch the universe die
it's a good movie dude, stanley kubrick
watch it


released April 9, 2017
Huge shoutout to cody sloot for playing piano and chillin hard



all rights reserved


Nick Morgan Nelson, British Columbia

Musician from the Kootenays!

I love to entertain and I just wanna share some music with you!

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